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Compensation for orphans

Compensation for orphans

Who are the beneficiaries of this measure?

Decree no. 2000-657 of 13 July 2000 introduced a reparation measure for orphans whose parents were victims of anti-Semitic persecution.

  • Every person, whose mother or father was deported from France as part of the anti-Semitic persecution during the occupation and who died during deportation, has the right to reparation, if he/she was below the age of 21 at the time when the deportation occurred.

Decree no. 2004-751 of 27 July 2004 introduced financial assistance in recognition of the suffering endured by orphans, whose parents were victims of acts of barbarism during the Second World War.

  • Any person, whose mother or father, of French or foreign nationality, was deported from the country during the Occupation, for reasons and under conditions mentioned in articles L. 272 and L. 286 of the Military Invalidity Pensions and Victims of War Code, and who died during deportation, if they were under 21 at the moment when the deportation occurred.
  • This regime also benefit persons whose father or mother was arrested and executed during this time under circumstances defined in articles L. 274 and L. 290 of the same Code.

What does this reparation consist of?

The reparation takes the form, as the beneficiary chooses, of compensation by a capital sum of €27,400.82 or a monthly life annuity, reassessed annually and set for 2015 at €557.23 per month.

The decisions made by the branches of the National Office for Veterans and Victims of War, granting or refusing compensation, are signed by the Prime Minister.

The individual notification of decisions is dealt with by the services of the Government General Secretariat.

Payment then takes place under the auspices of the accounts officer of the National Office for Veterans who receives credits from the Prime Minister’s general services budget for this purpose.

If you would like more information…

Contact the ONACVG branch in your département.

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