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Recognition and reparation

Recognition and reparation

Since its creation, the National Office for Veterans and Victims of War (ONACVG) has had the task demonstrating the Nation’s gratitude to persons affected by war through the allocation of entitlements and cards.

These are the département branches of the ONACVG, responsible for receiving for recognition, such as:

The award of the mention “Died for France” (MPF), of the mention “Died as a Deportee” (MED) and associated rights, the civil status of veterans and victims of war, as well certifications and mentions established on request from families is also provided by these services.

You can also apply for the possibility of the State assuming responsibility for the costs of visits to graves and the sites of crimes for the families of victims of the Deportation.

Finally, the ONACVG, still via the département branches, provides its constituents with a part of the reparations which the Nation owes them.

In practical terms, this right amounts to:

  • the award of the veteran’s pension (and the validation of the mutual card).
  • the management of the invalidity card
  • the management of the so-called associated rights.
  • the award of gratitude to the Harkis and their widows
  • the management of the rule for the compensation of orphans from the Jewish deportation and victims of the anti-Semitic persecution.

On this latter point, the ONACVG has a compensation service responsible for requests for compensation lodged under decree no. 2000-657 of 13 July 2000, instituting a measure of compensation for orphans whose parents were victims of anti-Semitic persecution and no. 2004-751 of 27 July 2004, instituting financial aid and gratitude for the suffering endured by orphans, whose parents were victims of acts of barbarism during the Second World War.

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